If Only Teddy This Bear Could Talk

Alonzo Steiff Bear - Ian Pout

Alonzo Steiff Bear – Owner Ian Pout October 06, 2008 Oxfordshire’s most valuable teddy bear is going on a special journey home to Moscow for an exhibition highlighting his links with the country’s murdered Royal family. Alfonzo, who was given to the Russian Princess Xenia in 1908 by her father Grand Duke George Mikhailovich Romanov, was bought for £12,000 by Ian Pout, the owner of Teddy Bears of Witney, in 1989. The historic red bear — made by German company …

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Steiff Bear Designed For Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld - Steiff Bear

Karl Lagerfeld and “his” Steiff Bear Dark glasses, black suits, white ponytail: Chanel top designer Karl Lagerfeld has long since turned from a mere designer into an icon of fashion, style and eccentricity. His unchanged appearance almost seems like a mask never taken off. Nevertheless, on Sept. 10, his 70th birthday will arrive at least, according to the official version. “There even are people who say I will turn 75,” Lagerfeld recently told reporters. The truth actually lies in between, …

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Steiff Teddy Bear Business To Quit China

Steiff To Leave China

Steiff To Leave China Over Quality July 02, 2008 BERLIN (Reuters) – Steiff, the firm that has made teddy bears for over a century, said on Wednesday it planned to move production back from China to Germany because poor standards there left some of its stuffed toys in a sorry state. “If one of the glass eyes is even a millimetre off, it means the adorable devoted look on the teddy bear’s face ends up looking more like some kind …

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