Hina Doll Teddy Bear – Limited Edition Steiff

Hina Teddy Bear Doll - Steiff Limited Edition

Hina Doll – Steiff Limited Editon Teddy Bear

In Germany, Steiff’s hometown, there is a tradition of lovingly passing on teddy bears from parent to child and back to their child. And there are also dolls and hina dolls that are inherited in Japan as well.

The tradition of nurturing “a beautiful heart that parents think of their children” has collaborated across countries.
This time, the Hina doll teddy bear produced by Steiff and the famous Hina doll brand “Jukei” designed a dianthus flower on the pattern of the kimono. The name of the flower of Nadeshiko comes from “a child who is so cute that you want to stroke it”, and it is derived from the cute flower of Nadeshiko, which has been compared to children and women since the Heian period.
Flower words such as “pure love” and “innocence” are said to be associated with the delicate and cute appearance of the petals with fine notches. There is also the word “Yamato nadeshiko”, which refers to a woman who is profane and modest, and this lovely flower pattern is in perfect harmony with the cuteness of the teddy bear.

[What is Shoukei …]

“Shoukei” stands for longevity and means congratulations and celebrations. “Kei” means to truly
enjoy and celebrate the congratulations. The brand “Jukei” bears those two letters. In collaboration with famous writers and craftsmen,
while visiting production areas nationwide, we carefully select materials and props to create original brand dolls and decorations.
Dolls to baby’s first annual festival and your New Year, dolls, battledore, such as Hamayumi, such continue the tradition of Japan that celebrate decorate
reluctant, modern and incorporates a new sense to meet the preferences of the people, work that resonates in my heart to any age Delivering
Masu “OLD & NEW”. “Jukei” wants to convey to everyone the joy and joy of playing in the world of “Japanese”.

[Hina doll teddy bear]

  • Part number: 678448 ¥ 57,000 (main unit price)
  • Size: 15 cm each Mohair
  • folding screen: Height 24 x Width 53.5 cm
  • Pedestal: Width 45 x Depth 26 x Height 1 cm
  • Japan only: 1,500 gifts with serial number certificate
  • Box / pedestal / folding screen / crow hat / crown / sword / fan included

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