Love Teddy Bears? – Visit The Den

The Den of Marbletown in Kingston, New York

The Den of Marbletown in Kingston, NY We’ve all gotten one, our very own teddy bear. Maybe yours was named Teddy. I named mine Bob. You can imagine how exciting it would be to see a whole house dedicated to teddy bears. Yes, there is such a place: The Den of Marbletown in Kingston, New York. It is a Colonial farmhouse turned teddy bear museum by its owners, Steve and Nan. You drive up and are greeted by a sign …

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Steiff Summer Family Festival 2019

Steiff Summer Family Festival - Giengen Germany

Steiff Summer Family Festival – Giengen, Germany The Big Steiff Summer Family Festival in Giengen from June 28th to 30th. From June 28th to 30th, Margarete Steiff GmbH invites you to the annual summer family festival around the Steiff Museum in Giengen an der Brenz. On three days, all Steiff fans, lovers and collectors can look forward to a varied program on the show stage as well as various highlights of the famous plush bears. Steiff is known far beyond …

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Alfonzo World-Famous Steiff Bear Moving On

Alfonzo The Steiff Teddy Bear

Alfonzo – The World Famous Steiff Teddy Bear Alfonzo may be only 12 inches tall but he’s a Steiff bear with a big reputation. As one of the most valuable vintage teddies in the world, Alfonzo is thought to be worth thousands of pounds. But after almost three decades in Witney, the 110-year-old bear is packing his bags to become the star attraction at a new museum in Denmark. Alfonzo’s owner and collector Ian Pout, who runs shop and museum …

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Snuggling Up To The Teddy Bear Museum

Jungmun Teddy Bear Museum

Display At Jungmun Teddy Bear Museum This museum at Jungmun Tourist Complex, which opened in April 2001, is the first and largest teddy bear museum in Korea. It is a great place for adults to reminisce about childhood memories, or for children to live them out in the present. The pyramidal glass structure is easily spotted in the middle of the tourist complex and it houses designer teddies, an art gallery, a history room, a special exhibition room, a museum …

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