Ralph Lauren – Polo Bear Watch Collection

Ralph Lauren - Polo Bear Watch

Ralph Lauren – Polo Bear Watch Collection

Continuing with the 50th Anniversary celebration, which we most recently saw represented in the ’90s-inspired Downhill Skier collection, Ralph Lauren shows off a new watch set that pays tribute to one of the brand’s most recognized staples: the Polo Bear.

Originally created by German toy manufacturer Steiff, the Polo Bear has since become the most synonymous mascot to be associated with the RL brand, even more arguably than Mr. Lauren himself if we’re being honest. The timepieces featured here include four different bears that we’ve seen before, including the Ivy League-inspired Preppy Bear, 1989 runway style Flag Bear, Martini Bear in all his suited and booted steez and four-eyed Spectator Bear to literally round things out.

In addition to this being the first watch collection design specifically for the Polo brand, these hold significance for debuting a day after the Bronx-born designer’s birthday as well — happy belated, Ralph! Specs include lacquered cream white dials, caliber RL300-1 movement and interchangeable straps made from necktie silk twill patterns, French calfskin or exotic alligator amongst other key features. Wrist game proper, without a doubt!

Expect the Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Watch Collection to hit retailers and the Polo online shop in the near future, where each option will retail for $2,000 USD.

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