Kuroshitsuji and Steiff Collaborate On Bear

Kuroshitsuji Black Butler Steiff Teddy Bear

Kuroshitsuji and Steiff Limited Edition Bear

A dream collaboration teddy bear will be released from the movie version “Kuroshitsuji Book of the Atlantic”. Ciel’s costume, which has been carefully reproduced with Steiff, shows attention to detail, and is of a quality that will please all Black Butler fans. High-quality teddies created by hand one by one by craftsmen. With serial number. From 12:00 noon on Saturday, March 25, limited quantities will be accepted at the ANIPLEX official online shop “Aniplex Plus”.

A teddy bear manufactured with Steiff to aim for quality that will please Kuroshitsuji fans. Detachable costumes and eye-patches have been carefully selected from the fabric to the details, and the costumes of Count Ciel Phantomhive have been carefully reproduced up to the back.

“Button in ear” is said to be the oldest trademark in the world. In order to maintain the tradition since its inception, all Steiff buddies made under strict control are fitted with the trademark “Button in ear” and Steiff tags. In addition to the product number, the tag shows the year of production and the serial number. The “white tag + red letters” Steiff tag, which is a proof of the limited edition, is shining.

The neck and limbs are movable, soothing us in adorable poses. Since each product is created by hand by craftsmen, even products with the same product number have slightly different facial expressions, and the two products do not have exactly the same facial expressions. Every Steiff product is full of history and love, yet very durable and meticulous in every detail. Please spend a lot of time and happiness together at home and outside.

Kuroshitsuji Product Overview

  • Product Name: Black Butler Book of the Atlantic × Steiff “Ciel Phantomhive Teddy Bear”
  • Category: Teddy Bear
  • Brand: Steiff Co., Ltd.
  • Size: Approximately 27 cm in total length
  • Material: Mohair
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Release date: Delivered sequentially from mid-October 2017
  • Sales price: 43,000 yen including tax (39,815 yen excluding tax)
  • Release ・ Distributor: Aniplex Co., Ltd.
  • Sales store: Limited to mail order site ANIPLEX +
  • Some photos and illustrations may differ from the actual product.
  • Since each item is created by hand by craftsmen, there are some differences between products. Please note.

Serial number certificate
Steiff’s exclusive BOX

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